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Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Item checklist for running into the Fall Months

By Paul McGovern
For Main Line Media News

Most of you have been running through the summer or are starting a new running program as you go back to school. The following checklist will keep you running through the fall and will into the winter months with few bumps in the road if you adhere to this blue-print.

5 Item checklist for running into the Fall Months

Body Awareness
Keep minor aches and pains at a low level. If common symptoms increase or are present for more than one week, get the area checked out by a professional. A slight calf strain can turn into a pull and then you will be riding a bike for 2-3 weeks as it heals.

Drink water throughout the day (157 # male needs 64-oz per day/ 124# female needs 52-oz per day) and when running you should not need excessive amounts of fluid while running. On average a will hydrated runners only need 2-oz of fluid every 15 minutes up to one hour of running. The amount of fluid needed past one-hour increases and the need for electrolyte replacement also become a concern.

Dress in Layers- 
The weather this time of year can be fickle, with possible vast changes in temperature and precipitation at any given moment. Try the new performance clothing available at your local sporting goods store. A good light weight breathable rain jacket along with your favorite cotton running shirt and baseball hat. You will have all the bases covered.

Warm Up- 
Jog for 5 minutes prior to any stretching just before the start of your run. This prevents a “Cold Static-Stretch,” which can cause more harm than good with any running program. Stretch all your major muscle groups: back, chest, abdominals, legs, and arms prior to a run. Your body is a “closed-cell system” where all movement is “Toe-nails to Finger-nails.” Meaning; all your body’s muscles are at work while you run.

Everyone wants to be up to race speed today. A good running program is set up in cycles. Most cycles last 4 to 6 weeks and very week there is no more than a 5% increase in over-all running volume or intensity.  Every cycle has a beginning phase, middle phase, end phase and recovery phase.

I hope this simple checklist keeps you moving down the road to all your fitness goals. Upcoming articles will cover the above running list more in depth, and we will look at new fitness treads and concerns.

All the best,



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